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We have been having fun exploring with science.

Finding out about sound, we explored and used the decibel meter to take readings around school.

Using red cabbage we created an indicator solution which we used to test how acid or alkali a compound was.  We were surprised by how quickly the reactions occured.

Linking with our Roman topic on Pompeii, we created and exploded volcanoes, using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create a chemical reaction.

As we also looked at how materials change when heated and cooled, we enjoyed exploring what happens to a mars bar, when placed in a freezer, fridge, classroom and oven.

We practised our scale reading skills using the milk thermometers too.

During our Roman topic we have found out about living in Rome. We have found out about key historical events as well as looking at myths and legends, gods and people.  We were very interested in the events that happened at Pompeii. We looked into food and how the Romans got their food, thinking about what foods they brought to England, linked well with our fairtrade fortnight work, resulting in some great geography looking around the world for where our food comes from, which we enjoyed making a tapestry of.  As our homework projects we also researched and presented to class our areas of interest.




Dahlicious Day creates a great topic starter for class 4.


Thank you to all parents for organising, sewing and buying props to make such a fantastic selection of Roald Dahl characters, not forgetting the particularly talented face painters too.

Our amazing body.  We have been enjoying exploring our teeth and digestive system in our science lessons.

We also enjoyed creating dream jars as our inspiration for our dream writing.

To end our Roald Dahl topic we had great fun creating recipes and made a range of savoury and sweet dishes and drinks for our café. 




Our performance of Roald Dahl's revolting rhyme 'Red Riding Hood'

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